Plans, notes, to-dos, and whatever, loooool. You can write it up on a planner. Actually, I have my planner for 2011. But, gusto ko bumili ulit. In other words, “I NEED A REPLACEMENT”.. May nakita kase ako through Google.. Ok here is the picture of my planner right now..

This planner is from my friend. Birthday present niya sa akin.. What I love about this planner is the velvet cover at ‘yung SB chain niya. Lol, swear, di ko pa masyado nagagamit.. Wala naman kase ako masyado plans this year.. Tssss…. Gusto ko talaga ‘yung nakita ko sa Google.. Hmmmm, so I’ve decided na kuhanin ‘yung picture na ‘yun and put it right here on the Blog.. Here it is:

This planner is sooooo win. Pero di ko naman alam kung saan bibili nito.. I googled the location of Emily the Strange Store, sad to say na wala siya store dito sa Philippines :(.. Eto lang ‘yung nakita ko: just click here. And the planner is not available..
(photo from Google)
 If I can have this, I’ll write all my strange plans, loljk.. I hope, eto ‘yung planner ko for 2012. If not, just a collectors item. So if you know kung saan meron, tell me or pwede niyo na din ako ibili, lmao. Kbye 😀

Author: lingoongeung

Lin. 20+ Crazy Cat Lady. Traveler. Stylist Wanna Be. Frustrated Photographer

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