Bling It On!

Are you one of the people who is “MAHILIG SA BLING-BLING”? Lol, and then you belong :D. And I am proud that I’m one of them(sparkling eyes).

I’ve been collecting some accessories, lalo na mga necklace and they are best paired with a simple plain dress. And as I read in some fashion blogs and magazines, “uso ‘yung bling-bling”. And so, I want to have them. And then, tumingin ako at the mall(I don’t want to detail the name of the mall). They’re so expensive. 500PhP and above the price. So, tumingin na lang ako sa iba. Lucky, I found a cheaper price. Here are the “BLING-BLINGs” that I bought when we went to Festival Mall.


The Robot Bling is a camera shy, lol. The real price is 180PhP each. And I made a “TAWAD” to “ATE” and I got them for only 100PhP each.
I bought this for my sister. I know she preferred a Butterfly pendant. But I found this cute for her(maiba naman hindi ‘yung palaging butterfly), lol.
This is sooo cute :). This is look like a Lego(‘yung paborito ko laruin nung bata ako). I love robots. Eto ‘yung second choice ko sa pendant ng bling. And here is my first choice:
I love cameras. I made a very best choice for this bling. Eto talaga ‘yung first choice ko. Hindi na ako nag-dalawang isip na bilihin. Kaya, super tawad ako kay ate, lol. What I love about this bling is the color(black). Vintage style.
I’ll buy next time for the other designs. It’s too much if bumuli ako ng sabay-sabay, looooool 😀
So if you’re a fan of a “BLING-BLING”, you can leave your comment at the comment section. And please tell me if you see some other blings. Thanks in advance.

Author: lingoongeung

Lin. 20+ Crazy Cat Lady. Traveler. Stylist Wanna Be. Frustrated Photographer

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