Pack Meeee Team Manila

Last Friday morning, I just received  this package from Team Manila Lifestyle. After a long wait, it finally arrived, lol. Medyo na-delay ang pag-receive ko ng package na to. Nagkaroon kase ng problem with Xend.

And here’s the actual photos of my ordered shirt 😀

“Umasal Lamang ng Ayon sa Ganda”. Yan ang sabi ni Lourd De Veyra at ng T’shirt ko, loool. Winner ang sinasabi ng statement shirt na to. I ordered this kase, may girlaloo na super magparinig sa akin on FB and she’s insisting that she’s prettier than meee. Hello, I’m not competing with her anyway. Actually, she’s not pretty. “NAGMAMAGANDA LANG”, lmao. Oh well, kung dinadaanan niya ako sa pagpaparinig on FB, I don’t  need to speak it out or post it out on FB , I’ll simply WEAR this shirt. Oh di ba? Mas cool? Ok never mind. Don’t have to mention her name. She’s still bitter.
I ordered this online. Kase naman, it’s not available at the mall. It is “EXCLUSIVELY” online mao-order. Soo if you want also to order, just click here. You need to have an account first before ordering. And also, be patient while ordering. kase matagal ang process nila. SERYOSO 😀

BTW, this will be my next order. Not now. Because, I’m broke, loool.

The famous expression nowadays. “EDI IKAW NA. IKAW NA MAGANDA”, libre naman ang mangrap eh. Looool
I”m Lin Rios and I’m proud to wear “GAWANG PINOY”. Thanks Team Manila.

Author: lingoongeung

Lin. 20+ Crazy Cat Lady. Traveler. Stylist Wanna Be. Frustrated Photographer

2 thoughts on “Pack Meeee Team Manila”

  1. Hi Vina. I followed you already. You can also order that shirt from Team Manila Online Shop if you want. Thanks for following. Welcome to my blog. XOXO


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