NOTD: Doraemon Nails

Oh my! Tomorrow is Friday again. And I’m so excited with Friday because it reminds me that the following day is rest day. How excited are you to welcome the weekend? Work has been very stressful lately. And all I wanted to do is to rest, eat, watch movies and paint my nails, hahaha. Let me share you this week’s nail art project made by yours truly.

Doraemon Nails

If you don’t know Doraemon, let me introduce to you Doraemon. Doraemon is a cat like robot from the 24th century of the future and was sent back to help a young boy(Nobita). He can help by pulling gadgets on his four dimensional pocket. 
Back in high school, I love watching Doraemon TV Show and collecting Doraemon Stuff. I am just a Doraemon crazy. Look what I am reading:
Doraemon Manga Series

Why I’m so serious? I’m goin’ to give this to my little bro but I’ll be the first one to read 😀
Hope you like my nails. You can leave a comment or link of your DIY Nails.

My Heart is YOURS

Hello lovelies! Just dropping by to ask you hows your Saturday? I’ve spent the Saturday at home, watching movies on cable channel(The Pirates of the Caribbean Marathon) and cartoons also(The Adventure Time), lol. I also went to our town’s bazzare and this hairpin caught my attention. A heart-shaped Hairpin. Got the title of this post from my favorite song “MY HEART” by my favorite rock band Paramore. I don’t care how many times I played it. I just love the meaning of the song. I am leaving you with the video of the song so you can relate. Hope y’all like it.

FINDS: Must Have Slippers

Thank God it’s payday, lol. Manunuod sana ng Resident Evil with my aunt, but we end up on having coffee again at Starbucks-SM City Rosario and also kaunting shopping. So, I’m sharing you 3 very stylish slippers:

I saw this from Ana‘s blog post yesterday. So I went to the mall’s department store and then found this pair of flip flops from Banana Peel. Available in different designs and collection. Pero naka-catch ng attention ko is this, The Maja Salvador Signature Collection. Very Stylish and comfy to wear.You can check out different designs on Ana’s post, click here and also on Banana Peel’s website, here.
Since may campaign on “NO TO PLASTICS”, why not wear it in a stylish way? I saw this pair from department store, PVC made siya. Ang cute lang ng bow with polka dots na design. You can pair it with jeans, denim short or skirts.
And Last:
Cute Pink Oinky indoor slippers I got from our town’s bazzare. Very comfy niya. I’ll bring this pair at the office, hahaha sosyal.
So how do yah like my new slippers?

NOTD: Winnie the Pooh and Piglet Nails

For some miracle, we don’t have work yesterday because it’s Papua New Guinea’s Independence Day(I bet you’re wonderin’ why). I am working as remote or supporting office of ISAS Group of Companies in  Papua New Guinea and the boss declares that we don’t need to work during holidays. Ok ok ok. So my aunt and I went to the mall, have coffee, bought some tools we will need on our nail art session(I’ll post soon what tools I’ve bought for my nails, it’s a bit tricky). Moving on, speaking of nail art, look what my magical hands done on my nails and to my aunt’s nails:

 Piglet Nails(My Nails)
Piglet, Pooh’s best friend using 2 shades of pink polish for the base, ears, and nose, purple polish and a fine detailed brush for the details.
Winnie the Pooh Nails(My Aunt’s Nails)
Winnie the Pooh also called Pooh Bear using mustard yellow polish for the base, black polish and a fine detailed brush for the details.
Aren’t they cute?