Hooray for Sunday! How was your Sunday by the way? Mine was good, I did the laundry, I’ve watched the latest episode of ANTM S22, I’ve iron my clothes for this week(my #OOTD for the whole week) and updating this blog as well. Good job Bulinlin, you’ve been so productive 🙂

If you’ve read my nonsense posts lately 😀 , I bet you’ve read last week that I’ve started doing “THE SUNDAY CURRENTLY” entry where I can write all my thoughts and feelings here, hahaha. I wanted to be Bulinlin again way back 2008, when I was just starting to blog and I had to write all my feelings instead. Like telling if I’m happy, in love and hurt. SRSLY, I don’t like anymore to post all my feelings on Facebook. I am sometimes, but not all. It happened last time that I was posting all the things that I’ve bought and without knowing, that someone have said bad things about me, that I’m spending a lot of money and was pissed with my posts. Did I post something that will hurt his feelings? I can’t even remember. I wanted to cry out my sh*t and tell whoever have said that, “I didn’t ask you for money to buy these things, I’ve worked so hard to buy things that makes me happy”. To tell you honestly, I’m not a girl who’ll just think about herself. I’ve been saving money for my family, JSYK. That’s when that I’ve proven myself that not all your Facebook friends you can actually say “FRIENDS”. Some of them were just “LURKING MONSTERS” trying to stalk and see what you’ve been up to. My blog is the best place to write all my feelings ’cause there are only “some” reading it but not all. Unless, those lurking monsters were trying to check out my blog too. Oh well, I can tell them off, “I don’t f*ckin’ care anymore, I’ll do what makes me happy”.

Moving on with today’s entry, I’ve decided to write this weekly(I’ll try if I can), just to save me from the homesickness. So let’s begin what I’ve been lately.


The blogsites that I’ve bookmarked. Been stalking some fashion blogs lately and see If can copy their style, hahaha 😀


Of course, this blog entry 🙂


To the sound of the AC, it was really hot so I need to turn it on.


Of my Ohana again, there were no times that I didn’t think about them.


Myself, hahahaha 😀


Of having my annual leave this year but I know that it is impossible. My Boss and I have a deal that my next leave will be end of 2016 😦 Fast Forward please??


That this coming week will be nice to me.


My Donald Duck pantulog, hihihi 🙂


What I am now and all the people who truly cares about me 🙂


To get all the things that I’ve ask my sissy to buy for me even though that I’ll be getting them very soon. I can’t wait anymore, lol.


A DSLR camera. Been wanting this for a long time but I am too poorita and you know that I’ve priorities.


A bit guilty, I’ve asked sissy to buy a pair of Toms Correa Sandals for me ’cause it’s 50% off.


The publish button to share this entry 🙂

That’s all for my second series of my Sunday Currently. Feel free to hit the “like” button and leave your “comment” on the comment box section. Goodnight 🙂

x lin x


Sunday Currently Vol.1

When everybody in social media was arguing about “ALDUB” and “PASTILLAS GIRL“, while I am too busy with my singing career, loljk. Seriously, was kinda busy the whole day doing the house chores. I did the laundry and even cleaned the bodega(my bedroom that I called storeroom , haha :D) while pretending to be Hayley Williams, the mop as the mic and singing like none of our neighbors can hear :D. Is your Sunday is as crazy as mine?

I was supposed to blog in the afternoon after cleaning the house but I am so tired, so I just sit and read all the blogsites that I’ve bookmarked. While doing blog hopping, I got this idea of posting “THE SUNDAY CURRENTLY” entry. The Sunday Currently is a series where you can tell what you are doing, seeing, feeling and thinking. So I’ll start now, bear with me ’cause this is my first attempt 😀


None as I am currently doing this entry.


This blog entry.


To the TV, watching America’s Next Top Model S22.


Of my Nanay, my Sister and my Brothers in Philippines. Missing them all so much 😦


The aroma of the coffee that I am sipping 🙂


Of seeing and meeting Nyle Dimarco(ANTM’s very first deaf contestant) in person. He is so muchos gwapitos and looks yummeh for meh 😀


That I’ll wake up early tomorrow and have a good week ahead. Also, my Lolo’s recovery.


My gray over sized pantulog and a pair of my Nike slippers.


My painted toes. It looks cute ’cause I’ve put some fimo canes on it.


A laptop that I can actually say “my own”.


My Nanay’s Pork Hamonado and My Ninang’s Pansit Palabok.


Sleeppppy and kinda sad ’cause tomorrow is Monday again. Work work work!


The “PUBLISH” button so I can post and share this blog entry before I go to sleep.

So that’s all about for my very first attempt of my Sunday Currently. Wishing you all a great weekday ahead.

x lin x


I was thinking about posting this 2 weeks ago right after moving here at WordPress. But these past few weeks has been an exhausting week for me and wasn’t in the mood to blog. Even if this post is 1-year overdue, I still wanted to share this with y’all ’cause this is gonna be my very first Travel Post.

It was 27th of July last year that I had this chance to visit the beautiful City of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. But first off, how did I really get the chance to visit Brisbane anyway?

Just to make the story short, my Aunt asked me to give a try on lodging my papers to get an Australian Tourist Visa. I didn’t even know that she was planning to fly out, she just said that “just in case” that I wanted to come with her for a vacay sometime. And so I did, I’ve lodged my papers at the Australian High Commission here in PNG and submit all the documents required. I wasn’t really hoping that I’ll get approved nor wasn’t expecting. So after 2 weeks of lodging the papers, I’ve received an email from Aussie HighComm, visa was granted and good for 1 year. Yipee! I wasn’t actually expecting it. Can you just imagine? I am holding an Australian Tourist Visa? Hihihi 🙂 So my Aunt immediately booked our flight 2 weeks before. And a week before our flight, I’ve felt the excitement. I had those sleepless nights. I am thinking of it each and everyday. I even packed my bags for 3D2N vacay. Hey, 3D2N wasn’t bad at all. Just wanted to have a break and stay away from pressure.

And so the day came. I had to wake up early and get ready for our out of the country vacay. We have to be at the airport 1 hr before our flight so we arrived at the airport 6am.


Me and my cousin while waiting for boarding 🙂


Honestly, I hate riding on a plane. It’s not that I am afraid of heights, it’s just that I don’t want the air pressure does to my ears. And because we were talking about “going to Brisbane”, I have no choice but to take the pain and I don’t really care how painful my ear was.

It takes 2 and a half hr travel from Port Moresby to Brisbane. So we arrived there half pass 10. So from Brisbane International Airport, we headed straight to DFO(Direct Factory Outlet), we had our lunch there and of course, did shopping 🙂



After having lunch and done with the panic buying este shopping, we’ve decided to get into our apartment. So we ride on a taxi so it will be easy for us to locate where the apartment is. And what a coincidence that manong taxi driver is a Filipino too 🙂  We’ve been telling stories to manong until we’ve finally arrived to our destination.

After checking in to the apartment, we put our luggage and things we have bought from DFO. Even I was dead tired, we still explored Queenstreet during the night 🙂






It was winter that time so we have to wear our sweatshirts, beanies, scarves, long pants and socks just to help keep us warm. But still freakin’ cold 😐

On our second day, it’s Theme Park Day. We went to Australia’s largest theme park located at Gold Coast, Queensland, DreamWorld and WhiteWaterWorld. We ride on a train and it takes 1 hr travel from Brisbane to Gold Coast. But even though it takes a 1 hour travel, I didn’t even get bored because the train is a free wifi zone. Wow!

So it’s me and my cousin while waiting for the next train. He looks amaze with my monopod(whispering).


And finally we arrived.

10422334_844852388858585_7145784340598256619_n 10513508_844852555525235_6649132075384368900_n

Dreamworld is having a promo, if it’s your birth month, you’ll get your ticket for free. Just in time, it’s actually my Aunt and cousin’s birth month so they’ve got their tickets for free. And since I am not getting a free ticket , my Aunt paid it for me, hihihi 🙂 This ticket is accessible for both, DreamWorld and WhiteWaterWorld and valid only within the day of purchase.10361279_844811785529312_1089268987625286580_n

We first went to WhiteWaterWorld.

10513304_844816495528841_7104697311378773051_n 10334261_844816705528820_50301986551858620_n

How I wish I can take home these big slippers with me, lol 😀



Your WhiteWaterWorld Adventure is not complete without riding on this Hydro Coaster. Look our epic faces in here 😀


It was getting cold so WhiteWaterWorld had to close 3PM so we hurriedly changed our clothes and went to DreamWorld – and yes we did 🙂

As passing on to the DreamWorld’s entrance, we first saw this Madagascar Madness. “I like to move it, move it”.



Jerr and I waiting for our turn to get a photo with Madagascar’s Mascots, but we missed it 😦

10559688_844854945524996_2660042156789550645_nBut look we have bumped into these two while exploring the park,

It’s King Julien and Alex the Lion 🙂

10371682_844855045524986_1006842998909788550_n As entering the Far Far Away land, We’ve seen the Ogre, Shrek 😀


And Po the Panda too 😀


After exploring the park, we visited the Coroboree Park(a Zoo) which is located right inside of DreamWorld Park. And look who I’ve met, It’s Mr. Kangaroo 🙂


It was actually my first, to see, touched and fed a Kangaroo. Oh what an experience 🙂10394562_844834248860399_45508403049948041_n

I’ve seen a Koala too but I didn’t capture it ’cause it was sleeping(Koalas are nocturnal).

We went back to Brisbane around 6pm and headed to night market to buy some souvenirs.

Third Day, I wasn’t feeling like going back to Port Moresby but I have to. I’ve already spent 3 days vacay, work is waiting for me and I have no choice but to come back 😦 Goodbye Brisbane. I am sure that I’ll visit you again SOON.


I’ll say that my 3D2N in Brisbane was one of my best days ever from last year. Start calling me mababaw, well I don’t care. I’m happy like a kid 🙂



These souvenirs are little reminders that “I WASN’T DREAMING, I’VE BEEN TO BRISBANE”.

PS: Sorry for the not-so-good photos. I don’t own DSLR Camera, so I just used my iPad Mini on taking photos. I hope I’ll get my own DSLR Camera SOON 😀

x lin x


Moving on doesn’t mean that you have really gave up of something, you were just brave enough of letting go”.

After deciding of coming back to blog, I’ve finally made up my mind of moving on to WordPress. Honestly, wasn’t my final decision yet. I’m still undecided whether to give up with my other blog or not.

Why did I move anyway?

Some of the bloggers that I am following were using WordPress. I got curious of what’s with this blogging site. Also, I was convince by a friend who just started blogging.

Istaylista is a fashion blog but I was too tired of doing outfit posts and keeping them documented or maybe I don’t feel like doing it anymore. I felt like I was not allowing myself and I was just sitting in one place. But I did enjoy posting/sharing with my style and everything about fashion.

With my new online home, I wanted to turn out my site into travel+fashion+diy+photography blog. I have changed the blog title too and IDGAF if you don’t like it. It’s me, it defines me if you knew me personally.

And now I am here, still figuring out how to manage my new site. I hope that this will be a GOOD MOVE to start with.largex lin x