Sunday Currently Vol.1

When everybody in social media was arguing about “ALDUB” and “PASTILLAS GIRL“, while I am too busy with my singing career, loljk. Seriously, was kinda busy the whole day doing the house chores. I did the laundry and even cleaned the bodega(my bedroom that I called storeroom , haha :D) while pretending to be Hayley Williams, the mop as the mic and singing like none of our neighbors can hear :D. Is your Sunday is as crazy as mine?

I was supposed to blog in the afternoon after cleaning the house but I am so tired, so I just sit and read all the blogsites that I’ve bookmarked. While doing blog hopping, I got this idea of posting “THE SUNDAY CURRENTLY” entry. The Sunday Currently is a series where you can tell what you are doing, seeing, feeling and thinking. So I’ll start now, bear with me ’cause this is my first attempt 😀


None as I am currently doing this entry.


This blog entry.


To the TV, watching America’s Next Top Model S22.


Of my Nanay, my Sister and my Brothers in Philippines. Missing them all so much 😦


The aroma of the coffee that I am sipping 🙂


Of seeing and meeting Nyle Dimarco(ANTM’s very first deaf contestant) in person. He is so muchos gwapitos and looks yummeh for meh 😀


That I’ll wake up early tomorrow and have a good week ahead. Also, my Lolo’s recovery.


My gray over sized pantulog and a pair of my Nike slippers.


My painted toes. It looks cute ’cause I’ve put some fimo canes on it.


A laptop that I can actually say “my own”.


My Nanay’s Pork Hamonado and My Ninang’s Pansit Palabok.


Sleeppppy and kinda sad ’cause tomorrow is Monday again. Work work work!


The “PUBLISH” button so I can post and share this blog entry before I go to sleep.

So that’s all about for my very first attempt of my Sunday Currently. Wishing you all a great weekday ahead.

x lin x


Author: lingoongeung

Lin. 20+ Crazy Cat Lady. Traveler. Stylist Wanna Be. Frustrated Photographer

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