Hooray for Sunday! How was your Sunday by the way? Mine was good, I did the laundry, I’ve watched the latest episode of ANTM S22, I’ve iron my clothes for this week(my #OOTD for the whole week) and updating this blog as well. Good job Bulinlin, you’ve been so productive 🙂

If you’ve read my nonsense posts lately 😀 , I bet you’ve read last week that I’ve started doing “THE SUNDAY CURRENTLY” entry where I can write all my thoughts and feelings here, hahaha. I wanted to be Bulinlin again way back 2008, when I was just starting to blog and I had to write all my feelings instead. Like telling if I’m happy, in love and hurt. SRSLY, I don’t like anymore to post all my feelings on Facebook. I am sometimes, but not all. It happened last time that I was posting all the things that I’ve bought and without knowing, that someone have said bad things about me, that I’m spending a lot of money and was pissed with my posts. Did I post something that will hurt his feelings? I can’t even remember. I wanted to cry out my sh*t and tell whoever have said that, “I didn’t ask you for money to buy these things, I’ve worked so hard to buy things that makes me happy”. To tell you honestly, I’m not a girl who’ll just think about herself. I’ve been saving money for my family, JSYK. That’s when that I’ve proven myself that not all your Facebook friends you can actually say “FRIENDS”. Some of them were just “LURKING MONSTERS” trying to stalk and see what you’ve been up to. My blog is the best place to write all my feelings ’cause there are only “some” reading it but not all. Unless, those lurking monsters were trying to check out my blog too. Oh well, I can tell them off, “I don’t f*ckin’ care anymore, I’ll do what makes me happy”.

Moving on with today’s entry, I’ve decided to write this weekly(I’ll try if I can), just to save me from the homesickness. So let’s begin what I’ve been lately.


The blogsites that I’ve bookmarked. Been stalking some fashion blogs lately and see If can copy their style, hahaha 😀


Of course, this blog entry 🙂


To the sound of the AC, it was really hot so I need to turn it on.


Of my Ohana again, there were no times that I didn’t think about them.


Myself, hahahaha 😀


Of having my annual leave this year but I know that it is impossible. My Boss and I have a deal that my next leave will be end of 2016 😦 Fast Forward please??


That this coming week will be nice to me.


My Donald Duck pantulog, hihihi 🙂


What I am now and all the people who truly cares about me 🙂


To get all the things that I’ve ask my sissy to buy for me even though that I’ll be getting them very soon. I can’t wait anymore, lol.


A DSLR camera. Been wanting this for a long time but I am too poorita and you know that I’ve priorities.


A bit guilty, I’ve asked sissy to buy a pair of Toms Correa Sandals for me ’cause it’s 50% off.


The publish button to share this entry 🙂

That’s all for my second series of my Sunday Currently. Feel free to hit the “like” button and leave your “comment” on the comment box section. Goodnight 🙂

x lin x


Author: lingoongeung

Lin. 20+ Crazy Cat Lady. Traveler. Stylist Wanna Be. Frustrated Photographer

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