Plumpy? Chubby? Well, I guess you belong. I have to admit, I am a plus size woman. And as a plus size woman, shopping for clothes was really a challenge for me. I’m always having a hard time looking for a fashionable clothes when sissy and I goes to Divisoria. Yes, I shop at DV, I am a type of girl who doesn’t want to spend too much money just to dress up. I always lookout for what’s affordable. I am “kuripot” sometimes. I am even contented on buying from thrift shops and overruns store as long as it will perfectly fits and looks nice on me. Well, there’s nothing wrong shopping at DV and thrift shops. Nowadays, we have to be wise. My PHP 1,000 can get at least 2-3 OOTDs at DV wayback when I was just that skinny b*tch. So the last time, when sissy and I went to DV, it was a hassle, long walks, scouting and too much crowd. I was hoping that I can get clothes for my size, but I didn’t 😦 I end up buying from Cotton On in China Town Mall for a White Denim Jumper for about PHP 800.00(50% off). Huhuhuhu 😥  I’m bit guilty, price per piece wasn’t good at all. After that “super hassle” experience at DV, I don’t like buying clothes from DV anymore 😦

Well, enough of the complains and worry no more as I’ve found, discovered an online shop where to buy fashionable plus size clothes for a very affordable price. Perfect for a “kuripot” like me 🙂

I’ve seen Ward88 floating around IG. It is an Online Shop which caters plus size woman like me. There are so many fashionable clothes to choose from and I can’t even decide what to put on my cart, hihihi 😀 But still I have to choose what I think what’s best for me. I end up choosing these 4 items and put them on my cart.

Mocha Off Shoulder Top – PHP 300.00

Clarice Candy Top – PHP 380.00

Blue Aloha Cropped Top – PHP 300.00

Black Assymetrical Skirt – PHP 380.00

Shipping Fee – PHP 129.00

Total – PHP 1,489.00

By the way, before placing my order, I have sign up for an account and filled up some details such as, name, contact number, billing and shipping address.

After finalizing my orders, I’ve decided to check out the items I ordered. I automatically received an email, confirming that they’ve got my orders and received the billing invoice too. Placing and confirmimg my order was a breeze. So I immediately logged in to online banking and paid the bill thru direct bank deposit. Hassle free right? No need to go on any remittance centers. You will be surprise when I tell you this, after paying the bill, my sister received my order the next day. Hahaha 😀 This is the fastest transaction I’ve ever experience. I can’t believe but I have to, ’cause it happened.

I wanna thank the owner for that hassle free transaction, no fuss. She even send me this booklet as freebie and funny how their tagline says “TABA TABA, PAANO KA GINAWA?“.I will definitely support their shop ’cause they’re 101% legit seller, I swear 😀

imageThank you Ward88, you have taught me that “STYLE HAS NO SIZE”. I can’t wait to ramp all of these in the office next week 🙂

PS: These items were sent over in our address in Philippines. Wanna know how I can get them? My cousin is coming over here in PNG and she’ll bring all of these stuffs.

x lin x


Author: lingoongeung

Lin. 20+ Crazy Cat Lady. Traveler. Stylist Wanna Be. Frustrated Photographer

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