TGIF! Friday is everybody’s favorite day of the week. Do you agree? Friday reminds me that weekend is coming. I always look forward on a chill Saturday night when I can munch junks while watching ANTM S22 or movies on HBO. So how are you excited to welcome the weekend?
As I was doing the blog hopping, I stumble on Ms. Helga Weber‘s blog and read this Friday’s 10 Happy Things. This series is a link up hosted by Helga where we can jot down 10 things that made us happy this week. Best to start our weekend on a positive way. So I am joining this series.
Here’s my 1st Volume of 10 Happy Things…
1. I’m way too excited to welcome 2016. My 2016 BDJ Planner was delivered in to our house. It comes with BDJ Lifestyle Card and 40,000 pesos worth of coupons. YAY! 😀
2. My 2 favorites on the latest season of ANTM, Nacey(Nyle and Lacey) is still in the competition. Only 5 models left and I keep crossing my fingers that Nyle or either Lacey will win the last season of ANTM(yes it’s the last). 🙂
Photo Grabbed from Tumblr
3. After days of getting stuck on Level 25 on Candy Soda Crush, I’ve finally made it on to the next level. Imagine, I was just on level 25 what more on the higher levels?
4. We surprised our dear Boss Mike. Today is his Birthday but we decided to surprised him in advance ’cause he’s going out of the country.
5. Sissy Arlyn is going to take a short course about logistics. School fees will pay by my Boss.#happyateindeed
6. I posted on IG yesterday that I received a mail from the bank and I’ve asked everybody to guess what came in to the mail. Guess what??? I’ve finally got my own Visa Debit Card -answer revealed. 😀
7. I’ve been dying to get the banana blossom(puso ng saging) at the back of our office. One of our staff in the office got the puso ng saging for me. I am planning to cook Ginataang Puso ng Saging on weekend. #feelingchef
8. This funny sleeping position of my cat Maro. Photo credits to my cousins Abby and Aj.
9. The bonding “irit” session video of my nephew Yuan and my niece Pia.
10. Reaching 21 likes, 293 views and 179 visitors since I’ve started moving here at WordPress 2 months ago. #notbadatall 🙂
Hihihi, so what makes you happy this week? I hope you had a happy week like mine and try to make a list of  10 things that made you smile.



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Ditz Revolution

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