Last Tuesday, I chose random friends on Facebook to participate in this 10 Random Questions for today’s blog entry. I’ve challenge them to ask me any questions like what’s my favorite color, food, what I love to do etc. But never ever ask me question in a sarcastic way or a question that they think I might get offended. Some had taken the challenge, some just ignored it, #seenzoned. Ok lang ðŸ™‚

So upon doing this challenge, akala ko, kayo yung na-challenge ko pero mas mukhang ako pa yung na-challenge sa mga questions niyo. So here’s what the challenge came up with.

1. Why do you love fashion? -Jhellai

I love dressing up. Fashion is my passion. This is how I express myself. It’s the way I tell the world that I’m anything but ordinary.

2. Your birthday is coming, what would you like to be my present? -Xingxuang Corned Beef

I’m planning to make a list of what I want to receive on my birthday. But since you’ve asked me, I want a Paramore Band Tee. Oh ayan, kaya naman siguro ng budget mo gaya ng pakiusap mo, lol.

3. What is your favorite clothes to wear? And why? -Izza

I don’t have specific favorite clothes. I dress according to my mood and inspiration. I can be girly, I can be grunge or I can be a plain Jane. I wear anything that looks good on me.

4. Who is your inspiration? -pinkfive

It’s Hayley Williams. I really really wanted to be her.

5. Do you have crush right now? Who? -Sweet Brunette

Yes I have. It’s Nyle Dimarco of ANTM S22

6. Who is your first love? –SexySol

I have this high school crush before. I’ll give the initials na lang, JMLT. Not knowing that he likes me too. Dumating sa point na niligawan niya ako. I really like him and I know that he really likes me too. But we were so young. I don’t know what happened, he just suddenly stop courting me. Ewan ko, but I can say he is my first love.

7. What makes you weak? -Tatum

My family. Like when I see them hurt. Sabihan niyo na lang ako ng kahit anong masasama, huwag lang yung pamilya ko. 

8. Do you still love him or are you still dating? –Turlas

Not anymore. Love fades but not with GOD and your FAMILY 😊

9. Who is your unforgettable Ex and why? -Highmisshanna

The guy who I introduced to you. You know that we have shared so many memories together. But it doesn’t mean that I still love him 🙂

10. If you’re going to get mad at me, you think what would be the reason? -Pepeng Maghapon

Hmmmm… I think if naging plastik ka sa akin like what others did to me. You know that I don’t like two face people.

Wheeew, some questions put me on the hot seat with Tito Boy, lol. But I wanted to thank all those people who participated the challenge. I hope that I answered your questions well. For those who still want to ask more about me, you can leave your questions on the comment box section. Promise, this is fun 🙂



Author: lingoongeung

Lin. 20+ Crazy Cat Lady. Traveler. Stylist Wanna Be. Frustrated Photographer

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