Apology for being MIA this past few weeks. I realized that I missed two of my blog series, F10 Happy Things and the TSC entry. I had fever last week due to cough and flu(hate the feeling of having them both at the same time). Also, last Saturday, we went to Ate Len’s place at Downtown POM. We stayed there the whole weekend and I was kinda lazy to blog. I want to enjoy every moment of our stay because of the wonderful view from Ate Len’s House(I missed taking photo of the sunrise, I’ll try this coming weekend).

Well glad that I am ok now, kicking again and coming back with another blog entry(clap clap for keeping this blog updated). This was supposed to be last month’s entry but I wasn’t ready yet that time ’bout my wishlist. It took long time for me to decide, hahaha(what a lame excuse) Yes, you read it right, today’s entry is a list of what I want to receive as a “gift”-a gift from someone or a gift for myself maybe, hihihi. I know that it’s too little too late to post this as “birthday wishlist”(Oops! I didn’t tell you that I will be celebrating my birthday next week, hihihi) so I am writing this as “Christmas Wishlist” instead.

If you want to be my Santa, all I want for Christmas…….

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1. I have that Adidas Superstar wayback when I was in High School. I saw Dara Park wearing that pair and looks good on her. I wanna hav’em too(again).

2. I always carry big bag(tote) with me at the office cause I put a lot of things in my bag. I’ve been eyeing this Yellow Long Champ bag at Lazada buuuut it’s too expensive. So I include this on my list ’cause I found it perfect for me.

3. I am not asking this year for an Apple Gadget cause I already have iPad Mini and iPhone 6 as reward for myself. So I put iPad Dock on my list for movie watching purposes, haha.

4. For those who knows me well, you know that I love taking photos. I put Canon DSLR on my previous list but it came to my mind that I need to cross this one out on my list and replace it with Fujifilm Instax Mini Yellow instead. What I love about this is the cuteness of the film, Hello Kitty, Minnie Mouse and a lot of cartoon characters to choose from.

5. What a girl need in her life? Mac Red Lipstick and NARS Eyeshadow Palette.

6. A pair of 501 Levi’s Jeans. For info, I worked at Levi’s before but didn’t get any 501 ’cause for me, it looks like a men’s jeans. I don’t know why but all that really matter now is I am appreciating now the badass-ness of 501.

7. Any Cat Stuff, mug, pouch, phone case, hair accessory as long as there’s a cute cat face on it.

8. Last but not the least, a Domain Name for my Blog. I am thinking of purchasing a domain name. I checked and it cost USD 18(PHP 800) per year.

Did I ask for too much? I know that 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 are too expensive as gift. But it’s not bad to wish for these things for myself. Well, if you’re too generous, then why not? Hihihi

Christmas for me is not just RECEIVING but what most important is GIVING. Since I’ve said about giving, I’ll start now making a list of what I want to give to my Family, Friends and my inaanaks for Christmas cause it’s only…….

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