Hey, just wanted to share my Annual Report that WordPress have sent me thru my Gmail. Hahaha.

I also want to thank all the readers and who’ve followed my blog. I’ll promise y’all that I’ll do more this 2016. So here goes.


The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 440 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 7 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.


“Once upon a time, there’s a young lady who had a skirt that the length is above her feet. She doesn’t want to wear it ’cause for her she looks like a witch. And then, a Fairy Godsewer did the alteration. Transform it to a very stylish skirt. Other girls wanted to wear same skirt like hers. And the young lady lives fashionably ever after”. -Ok end of story.

Hi, it’s been a week since I came back from my outfit post(click here for the recap). But I won’t promise you all that I’ll do this often as much as I did when I am still running my fashion blog Istaylista. I don’t want to pressure myself on thinking of what will be my OOTD and how will I keep them documented. I am done with it! Haha. But since I’m in the mood and I have new clothes in my closet, why I don’t take this chance to blog about my outfit I wore in the office?

I paired the black skirt with a white basic tee. I just wanted to be simple.

Since the skirt is black, it can also goes with printed tops. I guess I have to do some mix matching.

This combo is full of win!


Sorry for this annoyingly face of mine, this is me 😜

I had to change the color of the photos to make it look classic. As I browse the photos in my gallery, I thought of changing it to basic, which is black and white. And for everyone to know, I am fascinated with black and white photography.

The insecure(sorry but she is) officemate of mine asked where did I get my skirt. I answered her back, “Im sorry but you can’t find it anywhere in here”(I am so mean) haha. So here’s the deets.


Basic White Top, Duffy

Black Skirt, Ward 88

Shoes, SM Parisian

Sunnies, Eye Channel

Photo Credits to my Cousin, Dhie

So there it goes for today’s post. Hope you like my skirt as much as I do ’cause I am definitely inlove with it.




As far as you all know, crop tops are back in a major way. At first, I was horrified by the idea of people wearing crop tops and I was like “WTF, I don’t like to bare my stomach”. But as I’ve seen with some magazines and fashion blogs, celebrities and fashion bloggers were all look amazing on styling the crop tops and I sort of started to want one.

To be honest with y’all, I don’t have that flat belly, I’m plumpy and chubby. So how did I rock my crop top?


Crop Tops are often seen as a “love or hate” piece.  If you have a body type like mine, don’t have “ifs” and “only ifs” thinking. Feel free to try one and pair it with high waisted shorts or a high waisted denim jeans.

By the way, that Khaki Shorts is from my Mom. She got it from a thrift shop. Mom really knows best.

Crop tops were from 80’s so I accentuate it with this vintage-kind-of-sunnies.


Paired it also with this cute jelly slip ons. So comfy to wear.
Pink Floral Crop Top, Ward 88

Khaki Shorts, Thrifted

Sunnies, Eye Channel

Jelly Slip Ons, SM Department Store

Outfit deets were all up there. Right now, I have 3 crop tops in my closet and I am planning to get more, hihihi. I am sure that I’ll be doing more entries on how to wear crop tops and how are you going to rock it. Literally, “Anyone can wear Crop Tops”.

Hope I help you out here. Feel free to write your comments on the comment box section.




Another year has just ended. A year full of blessings. A year full of happy memories. Despite sometimes I was on a struggle, but there’s still so many things to thank from. Thank you God for that amazing year.

The reason being of posting this entry is because I want something to look back. 2015 has been a good year for me. I am now jotting down all the things that made me happy on 2015 and I’ll never ever forget.

Here’s my 10 amazing things from 2015.

1. I made it home. The best NYE ever ’cause I made it home to PI after a year of working overseas. It’s a surprise actually. The whole fam doesn’t have any idea that I am coming home for my holiday leave. And yes I succeeded on surprising them, hihihi.

2. Reunited with Family and Friends. I happily spent my time with these people. Who wouldn’t want good times with your old friends? Your cousins? The whole family? Thank y’all for spending your time with mehhh.

3. Sissy graduated college. Sorry but I don’t have my sister’s gradpic and I don’t know if she’ll allow me to post it, haha. Finally she made it. She graduated Business Management, Bachelor’s Degree. This is not just sissy’s achievement but achievement for the whole fam.

4. Explored the Great Barrier Reef. My second visit to AU, my Cairns Travel and I had this chance to snorkel and see the wonders of The Great Barrier Reef. Such an awesome experience happened and even saw Dory, hihihi.

5. Working with new people. I have been working with them since 2014 but I am including them on the list. Thank you God for bringing these people into my life.

 6. Back on blog. After almost 2 years of being on hiatus, I’ve decided to come back and share my stories with the madlang pipols, haha.


7.  Learned how to cook. I can’t believe that I’ve cooked all these dishes. I promise you that it all taste good, I swear. Hahaha.
8. Got an iPhone 6. I am rewarding myself with 64gb iPhone 6 Gold for being so hardworking(haha seriously?). I got the phone for less than 30k PHP so there’s no waaay of letting go.


9. My 28th. Celebrated my birthday here in PNG. Thank you for this another year of my life.


10. Nyle DiMarco’s Victory.  I have been watching every season of ANTM but I’ve never been hooked like this. Hihihi. From the start, he’s my bet and he did it. He won. The last one standing and happened to be the first deaf top model.

So that’s how my 2015 goes and I am ending it with a blast. I am happily welcoming my 2016. I’ll forget all sad things happened. I’ll work wiser. Looking forward for more travels(haha), create good memories. A new start, a new beginning.

A prosperous New Year to y’all.