As far as you all know, crop tops are back in a major way. At first, I was horrified by the idea of people wearing crop tops and I was like “WTF, I don’t like to bare my stomach”. But as I’ve seen with some magazines and fashion blogs, celebrities and fashion bloggers were all look amazing on styling the crop tops and I sort of started to want one.

To be honest with y’all, I don’t have that flat belly, I’m plumpy and chubby. So how did I rock my crop top?


Crop Tops are often seen as a “love or hate” piece.  If you have a body type like mine, don’t have “ifs” and “only ifs” thinking. Feel free to try one and pair it with high waisted shorts or a high waisted denim jeans.

By the way, that Khaki Shorts is from my Mom. She got it from a thrift shop. Mom really knows best.

Crop tops were from 80’s so I accentuate it with this vintage-kind-of-sunnies.


Paired it also with this cute jelly slip ons. So comfy to wear.
Pink Floral Crop Top, Ward 88

Khaki Shorts, Thrifted

Sunnies, Eye Channel

Jelly Slip Ons, SM Department Store

Outfit deets were all up there. Right now, I have 3 crop tops in my closet and I am planning to get more, hihihi. I am sure that I’ll be doing more entries on how to wear crop tops and how are you going to rock it. Literally, “Anyone can wear Crop Tops”.

Hope I help you out here. Feel free to write your comments on the comment box section.




Author: lingoongeung

Lin. 20+ Crazy Cat Lady. Traveler. Stylist Wanna Be. Frustrated Photographer

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