Can you actually believe that tomorrow is 1st of May? How time flies. How are you spending the summer? I hope everybody is having a good one.

My previous entries were all OOTD post. I just can’t help my self on sharing you all my style and didn’t realize that I am missing some of my blog series, TSC and Friday’s 10 Happy Things Series. There were only particular days where you can post them and that’s Sunday and Friday only(and I keep on missing these days, haha). Not Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or even Saturday. So instead of missing the series, I’ve decided to do this “Life Lately” post – can post any time I want, no particular days and share you all what I’ve been up lately.

So let me get this quick.

After being tied up with work, I am finally catching up. Yahoo!

I quit on smoking and switched to vaping. I probably do a seperate entry about my Vape paraphernalias and please don’t expect that I’ll post more about vape ’cause I am honestly not a vape pro.

I was too brave on deciding to chop my hair really short. #shorthairdontcare

I volunteered at the Kids Ministry in our Church. They are in need of teachers so I’ve decided to volunteer. I can share my crafting and designing skills with the kids, hihi.

I was eating this Strawberry Yogurt this past few weeks. Hahahaha.

I found a store where I can buy my-all-time-favorite Top Ramen. Yay!

I’m on Snapchat so add me up: lingoongeung 👻

So how are y’all been doin lately? I hope you all had good days. You can share yours by leaving your comments.

That’s all for now 😊

PS: I am quite excited for tomorrow ’cause I am going to watch Civil War. See you tomorrow Captain.



Author: lingoongeung

Lin. 20+ Crazy Cat Lady. Traveler. Stylist Wanna Be. Frustrated Photographer

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