I wasn’t sure when was this photo taken, I can’t remember. It was the innocent me with my beloved Lolo, Tatay Tano.

I can describe my lolo as sometimes he is “masungit”. But despite of being grumpy sometimes, he was good all the time. He has been good to all of us, to my Tito’s and Tita’s, my cousins, to his friends, to my Nanay, my brothers and sister, even to my Tatay’s family and most especially to my Lola.

My Nanay told me that we stayed with my Lolo and Lola at my early age until we had our own house and decided to move. I grew up being spoiled by my Lolo. I was that so-called-lolo’s girl. I remember when I was a kid how I use to ask him for 1 peso to buy lollipops, candies and cheese curls at the nearest Sari-Sari Store. How he always ask me if I already had my lunch. I know that I’ve told myself that someday, the 1 peso that I always ask my Lolo will be paid off. Now I am a grown up, it’s pay back time.

August 2015, when my Lolo was complaining about lumps on his neck. We were all worried so we have decided to see  a doctor to check him. He had some laboratories & examines. We waited for the result till we found out that the lumps on his neck were cancerous. He has to undergo chemotherapy. I cried, I cried because of fear. Fear of losing him anytime, fear of the pain that he’ll endure.

Since the day he has been diagnosed with cancer, I always lift him up to God. I always tell God not to let him suffer. I seek to God to give us all strength. I know God is listening. God has better plans, so He is.

June 25, 2016, Saturday morning, 4am PH time, my Lolo passed away. I cried, I cried cause my beloved Lolo was gone. I know that he is waiting for me to come home but now he can’t, he cannot wait anymore.

I am relieved to know that pain have replaced by wings. I’m sorry if I won’t be able to come home. I know that you’re in the better place now. Thank you for fighting for us. Thank you God for not letting my beloved Lolo suffer. I know that we will see each other soon and when that time comes, I will hug and kiss HIM and tell  I LOVE YOU AND YOU WILL BE MY FOREVER TATAY TANO.