I just thought of sharing you guys what sort of music do I like, what genre – “I LOVE LISTENING TO ROCK ALTERNATIVE SONGS”.

Wayback when I was in college, one of my favorite is the American Rock Band 30 Seconds to Mars. Consists of the Leto Brothers( Jared & Shannon) and Tomo Milicevic. To tell y’all, I was drowned with “THE KILL” song before, hahaha. – you may see video here.

Right now, I am sharing you their video which is my current fave. This video runs for 13 minutes and 10 seconds. It was like a short film that 30 Seconds to Mars were attacked by “The Gimps”. This video was banned because of violence, nudity and sexuality. But I am sharing you the censored version. You may calm down now – hahahaha.

Jared Leto is really hot here, haha!




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Author: lingoongeung

Lin. 20+ Crazy Cat Lady. Traveler. Stylist Wanna Be. Frustrated Photographer

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