“All my bags are packed I’m ready to go ✈️”

Just a quick update with my blog(just for the sake of updating-haha). It is obvious with the above photo that I’m done packing all my things that I’ll bring to Philippines. I hope that I did not forget anything ’cause I am only allowed to bring 30kg suitcase and 7kg hand carry bag. I can tell you now that I AM REALLY EXCITED with my 1 month vacay 😁.





Me a.k.a being random again. I was planning to post this since last week but I’ve never had a chance to blog. I just want to release/share some thoughts that I’ve had. I’ve been mixed emotions in the past few days. Have you been feeling the same way too? Probably some are. So I thought of sharing mine just to let go of these emotions.
FRUSTRATED. 2 weeks ago, I ordered some vape accessories and I spent Php 1000 just for the bands and drip tips including shipping fee. Right after getting the tracking number from the seller, I track the whereabouts of my parcel like I use to do. That was 3 days from the shipping date which is the estimated time of arrival when I tried checking my parcel again. The status shows as “hold” due to location cannot be found. Seriously? I can’t believe it. It is impossible not to find our house. We’ve been regularly receiving parcels from other courier without any hassle. Well I guess the delivery man was just too lazy to find our house? Me and my sister have tried contacting “this-known-courier”. I’ve been emailing the customer care several times and calling them but no response at all. They should’ve at least compensate for their pending deliveries. Until now I haven’t got the parcel yet but I am still crossing my fingers that I will receive it.

WORRIED. You’ll say I am weird if I tell you all that I am worried about losing weight. Yes, I lose about 7kgs and everybody noticed it. It’s just now I realized that I am losing weight. Look at this photo, not sure if you’ll notice it.

I am weighing 80kgs on the left photo and now down to 73kgs which is on the right. I was overweight at the age of 28. I have 3 reasons that I “think” why I am losing weight.  1. I know I’ve taken some food supplement or should I say protein shake that I take every morning and I’ve cut down my meals too. It was because I am obsessed on preparing our Bora Trip. 2. Or maybe I was just too stressed out at work? 3. It always comes to my mind that I might be sick that is why I am losing weight. Our family have a history of diabetes and I am afraid that I might have too. I hope it’s not. And that’s what I am worried about.

HAPPY. Have you heard about SPaCE? If you’re Lasallan especially from La Salle Benilde, you’ll know what is SPaCe(School of Professional and Continuing Education) I’ve got Invitation from Ms. Cecile(Programs Associate) that enrollment is still ongoing for Management Services for Non-Accounting Professional. I’ve been waiting this for long time. I did not expect that they’re still looking for enrollees. And guess what, the schedule suits me, meaning when I go for my vacation in Philippines, I can attend the class for 4 Saturdays. Yippe! And surprisingly, my Boss will pay the school fees. How lucky I am. I’ll post more details as soon as I finished the course. But for the meantime, I am filling out the admission form for them to reserve me a slot.

EXCITED. Few more weeks till I go for my Holiday Break. I’ve some plans and I’ve listed them all here. I can’t wait to spend time with the whole family. That’s all!

So how are you in the past few days? Well I hope everybody is doing fine.

Despite of the negative things happened at first, I know that there are good things that will surely happen. ‘Cause there is always a rainbow after the rain.