I am only blogging because this post from my previous entry is holding me back.


Loljk, let’s all get serious here. I am blogging because I want to extend my warm greetings to y’all, “HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE”. I hope you had a great Christmas and did not forget to go to church and thank Lord Jesus.

I still have to work till 30th of December and come back on 3rd of January. We only had 4 days break(24th – 27th) and the next will be on 31st (which is not sure yet) till 2nd of January. I feel like life is so unfair why I needed to stay back in the office. They should’ve at least allow us to have a loooooong holiday(sigh).

Ok let us all move on.

My Aunt and her family went back to Philippines to celebrate Christmas and New Year. So it’s only me and my cousin Dhie in the house and during our 4 days break, we only stayed back home, cook, eat, sleep and watch movie. Well I hope that we did not put on weight cause we are eating a lot, hahaha.

Here’s our food last Noche Buena

Coke, Wine, Spagetti, Pancit, Leche Flan, Homemade Cake

Christmas Day, we attended the service in our Church and I was scheduled to teach the Kids in our Sunday School. Sorry but, no photos to be uploaded as I did not take or I did not hire someone to take photos while I am teaching as I wanted to focus on teaching them how God does impossible things 😊.

After Church we had our so-called Christmas Lunch at Ten Japanese Retaurant here in Port Moresby.

Of course I had sushis, makis and seafoods, all my favorite.

So that’s how I spent my Christmas break. I’m quite sleepy now to type a lengthy post but I am hoping that everyone is doing well, having good times with love ones ❀️ and have an awesome day as it can be.



PS: I mistakenly put a wrong date in the photo, supposed to be 29, hahaha.


Credits to RJA

I’ve decided to write this here in blog ’cause I know that there are “few” who will read this. I am writing this for YOU to know that I actually knew what YOU did.

I can’t understand why someone did a desperate attempt on following me on IG using someone else’s account. It happened yesterday morning when I checked my IG, “wow may bago akong follower”. He is not just “someone else” nor a “stranger”. I know this guy for a long time. I clicked the follow button to follow him back. Not long, it just popped out in my mind that, “teka parang hindi si ano to ah”? I know him as not really into social media. “Sa Facebook nga lang ay bihira siya mag-online”. So I immediately clicked the unfollow button. To take note that the fake account also followed my sister’s account. “Aba, hanep ah”. Β So I was thinking who is this “poser”. I had some investigations “kuno”, hahaha(you can ask me in the comment box section what kind of investigation I did πŸ˜‚). Well glad that I have amazing skills when it comes on investigation as I’ve taken up BS Criminology in 2004. And just found out who it is. “Uy di mo ako maloloko, utot mo green” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. So I reported the fake account😏😏. Not sure what IG did. Well I am hoping that it’ll get block.

I’ve spoken and ask the guy if he has IG. He just said “NO, and why would I?” We had the same thinking, “hindi ma-social media na tao”. It is obvious that the “poser” doesn’t really know him well, “hindi niya alam na di siya mahilig sa ganun”. So I’ve told him what happened. He can’t believe that someone else’s using his identity. Sorry to say but, how pathetic. So I told him to warn his family and friends to unfollow and report the fake account. I hope that this will stop.

To YOU who created the account, I know you will read this. I don’t know what is your purpose of doing this but whatever it Β is, GOODLUCK! “Huwag ka gumawa ng bagay na ikakasakit mo. Papunta ka pa lang ay pabalik na ako”. Not going to waste my time on such a stupidity like this. If this post aims you, feel free to talk to me. Do not stab me behind my back ’cause this is what immature people do. I am matured enough in this kind of situation. #DONTME

From the Girl you wouldn’t wanna mess πŸ˜˜πŸ’›

Me Lately

Hi, it’s been a while. The last time that I updated my blog is when I’m about to go home in PH. I know that I miss a lot here in blog. But anyway, I am up to preparing more entries here in blog, like what happened in my vacay. Can’t wait to share them with y’all. I probably post them starting next week.

BTW, I am back to work after my one month vacay. I guess my body is not ready yet as I am too lazy to work, hihihi

Kbye πŸ€—