Who would’ve thought that I am now finally blogging my recent Boracay trip that we planned last year? It has been 4 months now. But as I promise with y’all, I will be sharing my very first travel with my sister, cousins and childhood friends and considered also as my indelible journey from last year.

I will be doing 1 – 2 or maybe up to 3 parts of this post as this is gonna be loooong entry. So here it goes.

Boracay Island is one of my dream destination located in Western Visayas Philippines and part of Aklan Province. It was awarded as the best island in the world from the international magazine in 2012 – it should be, as this island is like a paradise.


We took AirAsia and airfare cost around Php 2,000/pax, return ticket. It’s cheap right? Maybe because we book it 5 months ahead of our travel day which is November and off peak season. With inclusive of hand carry bag and if you want to check in a luggage bag, an additional Php 750 which me and my sister did.

On our way to the airport

How to get there?

There’s no direct flight to Boracay, you have two options. Either Manila – Kalibo or Manila – Caticlan flight. We decided to take MNL – KAL flight which approximately 45 minutes flight.

Look at our smiling faces here. We’re all excited 😊

We arrived around 7PM at Kalibo Airport and we were all starving so we decided to have our dinner in this native restaurant nearby the airport(I forgot the name). They offer, Pork Barbecue, Chicken Inasal, Sinigang and other usual Filipino food.

We finished at around 8PM and ride on a Van that we rented on my friend’s(Anno) friend, an Aklanon and who he met in the game DOTA. We paid Php 1,000/pax for the rent. That van will take us all the way to Caticlan Jetty and took us 2 hours then another 10 minutes of roro ride and 5 minutes piera ride to reach Boracay Station 2. This includes also, terminal fee, environmental fee and other tranportation fees.

We arrived at our destination at around 11PM


Upon choosing our Hotel, we consider these three things: location, budget and cleanliness. There are so many hotels in Boracay. And to be practical, we did not get a hotel with luxurious facilities as we will only need the hotel to put in our things and a place to sleep on during the night. I suggest that you get a hotel with beachfront location which is the best point of going in and out of the beach. So this is our choice

La Carmela de Boracay, Station 2

To be exactly, we paid Php 19,915.76 to accomodate us for 5D4n, 2 rooms plus free breakfast good for 4 pax. The hotel is so clean, from bedsheet up to the toilet and also offer housekeeper.

Day 2

We woke up at 7am and had to ready ourselves and saw this view as we walk on the shore.

When we were looking for water activities, I took selfie while waiting 😊


Couldn’t help it so I run over to see this crystal clear water.


2 Piece Floral Swimsuit, Swimees Closet Ph

Someone offered us a package of water activity for Php 1,100 each including a buffet lunch. Package includes these activities:

Fly Fish


Kapit lang Bes Moment

This 15 minute ride on Fly Fish is fun and thrilled, hahahaha. We enjoyed it and I recommend you to try it.

Island Hopping


Puka Beach


Puka Beach

We explore Puka Beach and had a chance to take photo on this DIY tree branch spelled as PUKA.




Lunch Buffet


Crystal Cove


To enter the coves, you’ll need to get down on spiral staircase. You’ll see some rock formations and crystal water. Amazing!

Helmet Diving


TBH, I regret this Helmet Diving. It’s not that I don’t like underwater but I didn’t see any fish. Since it was included in the package, I have no choice. But I’ll suggest you go helmet diving with Stingray.

After the water activities when we’re about to go back at Station 2 around 5PM, we witnessed this beautiful sunset.


And we had free Buffet Dinner at Astoria and explored night Market and bought some souvenirs. Although it was very tiring day, we really enjoyed our second day in Boracay.

Hope you enjoyed reading the first part of my trip.

To be continued 😊


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