Hello First Day of August. Time flown by so fast and we’re on the 8th month of the year. Hooray! But nothing really exciting that I know that’s gonna happen this month, hahaha. I hope that there’s gonna be a “surprise holiday” again here in PNG like what happened in the last couple of months. I am HUMAN, who doesn’t want Holidays-no work during these days? Ok, enough of the expectations and let’s all move on.

With my previous entry(click here for the recap), I’ve mentioned that I’m gonna do a separate post on What’s In My Make Up Bag/Pouch. I wanted to share with y’all what my daily essentials are. But before I start off, let me share you a short story.

I remember how I got so addicted on hoarding make ups and watching those make up tutorials on YouTube and I was trying to do it myself way back 2010, haha. Honestly, I don’t really buy my make ups. 75% of make ups were just given by my friends and relatives from U.S as their pasalubongs. Oh how lucky am I :). You may all see them here and here.

And now for today’s entry, let me show you what I usually have in my-make-up-pouch.


1. L’OREAL MAGIC SMOOTH SOUFFLE. A mousse foundation that creates flawless and even toned finish. It’s oil-free and non-sticky. I got this from Chemist(The Watson’s of Australia) for AUD 10.00.

2. HAYAN SILKY FACE POWDER. It adds shimmer to your face and I use it to finish off my make up.

3. MAYBELINE BB STICK. To erase/cover up dark spots but can use it also as foundation.

4. WEDGE SPONGE. I was using it on removing excess eye shadows and eyeliners.

5. FLORMAR EYELINER PEN. I love using this pen liner. The application is very quick especially when you’re on a rush and it’s waterproof, it’ll last for a day.

6. NYX JUMBO EYE PENCIL, BLACK BEAN. My very favorite eye pencil from Jean. I was using it on creating black smokey eyes.

7. MAYBELLINE GREAT LASH MASCARA. Giving me long, thick lashes.

8. CLINIQUE EYESHADOW PALETTE. I’ve been using this eye shadow for a long time. Got this from Aunt Marie as her Christmas Gift dated back 2009. It comes in four shades of eye shadow, frosted white, green, purple and bronze.

9. APPLICATORS. Brushes that I use for blending the eye shadows.

10. ELF EYEBROW KIT. This eyebrow kit helps me create that “matarush na kilay“. It makes your brows more thicker, fuller and defined.

11. MAYBELLINE BABY LIPS. I didn’t buy this lip balm, I actually got it from a blog giveaway here. I use it to keep my lips hydrated.

12. LIPSTICKS. I always have two shades of lipstick in my pouch, one pink(the-five-dollar-lipstick from Chemist) and one red(Wet and Wild). When I have no time to put on make up or when I’m on a rush, my trick is to put on a brighter lipstick to create that I-don’t-give-a-damn-I-am-beautiful look, lol.

13. ELF ALL OVER COLOR STICK. It’s a 3 in 1 color stick for your eyes, lips and face, but I only use this as blush 🙂

14. EYELASH CURLER. For curling eyelashes before I apply the mascara.

15. TONY MOLY PETITE BUNNY GLOSSBAR. I think this brand is from Korea. It’s a lipstigloss(lipstick and lipgloss in one) with adorably bunny caps, hihi so cute.

16. CAT FACE MAKE UP POUCH/BAG. From my previous entry, this cat pouch is from Ate Len. Best to put in the make ups because the pouch was made of plastic material(I dunno what kind of material is that, hahaha) and it’s bulky.

It’s quite a loooot and good thing that it all fits in one pouch :). Now it’s your turn – what’s currently on your make up bag?

PS: I am thinking if I’ll change my blog name. Any suggestions? Kbye.


I’ve explain with my previous post why I’ve been gone for ages but all that really matter now is that I’ve decided to come back. Yes, I’ve decided to blog again. But still I don’t know how often I’m gonna update this blog but I’ll try my best to share stories with y’all.

Moving on, I’ve been planning to do this for a long time. Have you seen the “What’s in my Bag” posts floating around IG, Tumblr and Blogosphere? Everybody was doing it and I wanted to do my version of What’s In my Bag. Here it is:


1. 3D CAT FACE BAG. This cat face bag was a huge hit at the office and everybody was asking where did I get this bag. I got this cutie patotie bag at Gwyshop. They’ve been selling some kawaii stuffs on their store. Apart from it’s cuteness, it was exactly looks like my cat Maro, hihihi. Been planning also to sell this bag in our shop.

2. CAT FACE MAKE UP POUCH. Haha, oh well, It’s obvious that I’m a Crazy Cat Lady. I got the Cat Face Make Up Pouch from Ate Len as her pasalubong when she went to Australia for her Holiday Leave. She knows that I’m such a sucker for cat stuffs, lol. And what’s inside? I think I have to do a separate post on what’s inside my make up pouch. I just took out the everyday beauty essentials that I am using- L’oreal Mousse Foundation, Eye Pen Liner, Tony Moly Petite Bunny Gloss Bar, Elf Blush Stick & Olay Moisturizer. Thank you for always making me pretty 🙂

3. EYEGLASSES. ‘Cause I am a genius loljk. I’ve got a poor eyesight so I have to wear glasses at work.

4. iPAD MINI. My 16GB iPad Mini that I got 2 years ago as reward for myself. Been carrying it with me ’cause I’m using it to check my email especially when I’m out of the office. Also, I’m using it to listen to my favorite Paramore and RJA songs during lunch break, ROCK ‘EN ROLL TO THE WORLD \m/

5. ZEBRA CELLET. CELLET- Cellphone Case + Wallet. Got this from Mumi, where I can put my Mobile Phone, ID’s, ATM Cards and cash 🙂

6. MOBILE PHONES. For emergency calls, lol. I’ve got two phones with me in my bag. One is for personal use and the other one’s for calling our clients.

7. ID’S, ATM/CREDIT CARD. Yes of course, ID’s should be always in my bag and also the ATM Card for emergency needs.

8. PASSPORT. My passport that was just put onto Hello Kitty Passport Holder, hihihi.

9. DISNEY PRINCESS COLOGNE. It is a baby’s cologne. I don’t know but I love the scent 😀

10. HELLO KITTY WET WIPES. I’m a girl so I must have this in my bag. You know na where I am using it, no need to explain, hahaha.

11. DENTAL FLOSS. I am Betty La Fea’s sister loljk, but because I have braces, I have to carry this with me. It such embarrassing when you’ve got food stuck on your teeth, nakikipag-usap ka na may tinga ka without knowing. I’ve experience that before, super nakakahiya 😦

12. USB CORD/CHARGER. To use of course kapag lowbat.

13. STYLIZED BOOK BY LIZ UY. I haven’t finish reading it so I’ve been reading it during lunch time. It’s like the 10 commandments of styling. This book inspires me on how to dress up.

14. KEYS. House Key, Office’s Front Door Key and the Access Card at the Main Office- ’cause our office is a bit techie, kaya swipe-swipe lang, hihihi 😀

15. COMB. Use to get rid of Bad-Hair-Day or if you see your Prince Charming at the office, charaught!

16. CAT FACE COIN PURSE. Too cute to store your coins :). I am selling this purse in our shop for only PHP 60.00. You may check them here and here.

The contents in my bag describes what kind of person am I. So how do you like the stuffs inside?

So there you have it. That’s a wrap for my What’s in my Bag post. Hope you like it 🙂


Love Package from My Aunt

Hello Loves, I’m blogging again. Just want to blog about the “PASALUBONG” I received from my aunt last Friday. I’m sure you’ve read about Jean’s pasalubong for me. And nothings change, another kikay stuffs for me. So here they are: (hahaha, I’m not bragging)
A set of Art for Eyes. Here’s what the box included:
2 Eye shadow Palette, with Cream Eyeliner and Eye Highlighter

More Eye Crayons, eyeliner that doubles as an eye shadow 😀 
I bought an eye pencil sharpener to sharpen my eye crayons/pencils because I’ve got lot of eye crayons in my make up pouch *_*
Different color variations of Liquid Eyeliner
I haven’t tried this yet. I still have my Elf Liquid Eyeliner for my everyday use.
Wet N’ Wild Lipsticks

A set of Make Up Applicator
Includes, powder brush, blush brush, eye shadow brush, eye blending brush, sponge applicator, eyeliner brush, brow brush, lash & brow groomer, lip brush, mirror and case included 🙂

Manicure Perfection, for my Nail care
Includes a battery operated nail buffing file, with 6 boards, cuticle cream, top coat, base coat, and 2 toe separators 🙂
And last,
3 Super Mario Shirts.

I want to thank my aunt for giving all of these stuffs. You really know what I want. I guess, I’ll put these items to good use :). Thank you thank you so so so much.

With love, Lin

Love Package From Miss Janne

Hi, I’m baaaack from the outer space, lol. I’m blogging again after ages. Uhmmm, here’s what I’m up to after  my “BULUTONG” Invasion.
Package from Jean Anne Ong

Finally, one of my super girlfriend is now here in the PI. And just got my package from her. Lovely 🙂 Here they are.
EYE PENCILS, a radiant eyeliner that also doubles as an eye shadow.

Sonia Kashuk Eye Pencil in Gold and Silver Shimmer
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Black Bean
Victoria’s Secret Pink Me Up Chubby Eye Crayon
Soft Kohl White Eyeliner
Mark’s Mosaic Blush with it’s magnetic case.

Stila Lip Glaze in Apricot 
A moisturizing pencil lipstick gives soft, seductive look and luminous pout.

Elf Liquid Eyeliner
Jean’s # 1 fav eyeliner because it’s a smudge-proof liner creating a long lasting look. I like it too.

Nail Accessories
OMFG, these are love. Specially the nail strips from Kiss. Also, I need to buy an extra nail glue for the nail beads, lol.

Victoria’s Secret Make Up Pouch
Where I can put bunch of make up 🙂
I guess, I’ll put these items to good use. Thanks Jean for these lovely “PASALUBONG“.

Joining and Winning a Blog Giveaway

I really believe sa saying na “EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED”.
April 18, 2012, I opened my yahoo account at the office and the email said:
OMFG! I didn’t expect that I won from one of the blog giveaways I’ve joined(sobrang di makapaniwala) :O  Sa sobrang tuwa ko, sinabi ko sa aunt ko and she said “HOW I WISH HINDI YAN SCAM” and I answered “NO, HINDI ITO SCAM. MATAKOT AKO KUNG ALAM KO NA WALA AKO SINALIHAN TAPOS NANALO AKO BIGLA”. Nothing to worry. I joined kase Ms. Aisa Ipac’s a.ka. “Drowning Equilibriums” 2012 Giveaway Series: CLOSET Chic(click link to see post). Wahaha, how I won this contest ba? Ahmmm, 1. I am a follower of Ms. Aisa Ipac’s blog, 2. I followed Closet Chic on Facebook, 3. I shared the giveaways on my FB and linked Closet Chic. We’re two winners out of 92 who joined this blog giveaway. Lucky mee :D. So I hurriedly replied them with my complete shipping details in order to ship the prize. I am so overwhelmed and got so excited that day.
Yesterday, the prize was delivered around 12pm before we leave to watch The Avengers. Look what I’ve got:
 Sheer Pastel Buttondown Polo by Closet Chic
I’m sure, the1st prize was sent to the other winner which is a Printed Kimono(you may see it here). Lucky pa din to have this pastel color sheer top although hindi napunta sa akin ‘yung printed kimono which I’d love also to have too 🙂

Baby Lips Lip Moisturizing Balm by Maybelline
Actually, this is not included from the blog giveaway. Ms. Aisa gave this as an extra gift because of her delayed shipment. And I thanked her many times.
I posted on my FB the prizes I got. Jean asked me to upload a close up pix of the lip balm. Parang iba daw kase ‘yung baby lips sa kanila(nasa U.S kase siya). She wants to know how packaging varies from different locations. Oh Jean ‘eto naaaaaa:
Chapstick Style/Version, whatevs!
Jean also uploaded pix of her Baby lips. And look the difference:  

Lipstick Version? Lol
Jean asked me kung gusto ko ba daw ng ibang flavor and pasalubungan niya ako kase malapit na siya umuwi sa Pinas. I-add niya na lang sa ibang pasalubong niya. Lol, of course naman! -hahaha.


Hello fellow bloggers and readers. Tonight, I wanna share you my new set of make up which I got from my Aunt’s “PASALUBONG”. Actually, nanganagti ‘yung kamay ko whenever I see this, lol. But swear my hands are itchy because of my allergy and it’s a “BEH” for me.

Been asking “palagi” my tita for a set of make up. And I always remind her for that kapag nag-uusaap kame on Skype. Even though “nakukulitan na siya”, she still got a make up for me. Yey, ‘coz she knows that this is my weakness and the thing that I’m obsessed with.

I laughed when I saw this. Nakalagay siya sa box. And when I opened it, “akala ko PSP”(don’t laugh kase, ka-shape niya ‘yung PSP). I thought, ‘yung ibabaw lang ‘yung may make up. I picked up the box again, read the indications, tiningnan ko ‘yung ibang laman niya. Meron pa pala siya sa ilalim. And that made me smile because it is a complete set of make up. Yehey! I had a replacement for my “UPOD” na white shadows ko from Clinique which is my favorite na palagi ko nilalagay on my eyes. And then I bought an additional applicators at the mall :)).
So here is the “BUKAS” version of my Make Up set. You can click on it for full size:
1. Eye shadows
2. Blush
3. Lip Color/Gloss
4. Illuminator
5. Bronzer
6. Cream Highlighter
Includes: Applicators and Mirror

I made “talaga” the effort to put a numbers on it so I can indicate what are those :). Maybe, I’ll have a separate post about how I’ll apply all of these step by step. I’ll watch pa again Jen for some tutorials. She’s good on it and she’s awesome.
Ok I’m sleepy na. Need to pack up my things for tomorrows swimming session, lol. But I hope you enjoy reading my post. You can write your suggestions over there at my Cbox.