“I concede that I’m in love with the green haired super villain, King of Gotham City, Joker”ย 

Ok, I’m just kidding here, hahahaha. I am talking about this guy who portrayed one of DC’s fictional character, Joker in Suicide Squad.


Rock Star and Oscar Winner Jared Joseph “Jared” Leto popularly known as lead vocalist of the American Rock Bandย 30 Seconds to Mars. His first appearance as an actor is during early 90’s and I was just about 5, 6 or 7 years old that time. I don’t really know about him until I discovered his band, 30STM and started listening to “The Kill” song in early 2000’s.

There’s no doubt why I madly adore him. Why? Apart from his bearded good looks that always turns me on, he’s talented – actor, singer, song writer, musician and director rolled into one convenient sushi ๐Ÿ˜ Should I ask for more? Hahaha. It’s totally amazing how he manage to act, sing, write songs and direct some of music videos for his band(see here).ย How crazy it’ll be if I tell you that he’s now 45 years old? I had this in my mind that he’s not human, but he’s a vampire ’cause he isn’t ageing at all(loljk). And also, this guy loves mountains, he likes hiking. So tell me now, how not to like Jared?


So back in being Joker, Jared shared on Instagram a photo of Joker with his hands on Batman and a knife on his throat. This seems a teaser or hint that The Joker will return. I like him as Joker a.k.a Mr. J although that it is the wierdest of all because of his grills and tattoos. If the Joker returns, I’ll definitely wait for that movie.

As a fan, I’m always hoping and dreaming that one day I’ll watch their concert, will meet him in person and have photo with him. If he ask me to go mountain hiking, I’ll come with him with no hesitations inspite I’m afraid of heights as long as I am with the one and only Jared Leto.

I am sure that all the ladies out there who likes him can relate on what I am trying to say here and sorry to others who cannot. I may sound crazy here but I don’t care. I just want to let out my feelings with Jared, hahaha. So whoever knew him personally, please let him read this post.



harLIN quinn


I just thought of sharing you guys what sort of music do I like, what genre – “I LOVE LISTENING TO ROCK ALTERNATIVE SONGS”.

Wayback when I was in college, one of my favorite is the American Rock Band 30 Seconds to Mars. Consists of the Leto Brothers( Jared & Shannon) and Tomo Milicevic. To tell y’all, I was drowned with “THE KILL” song before, hahaha. – you may see video here.

Right now, I am sharing you their video which is my current fave. This video runs for 13 minutes and 10 seconds. It was like a short film that 30 Seconds to Mars were attacked by “The Gimps”. This video was banned because of violence, nudity and sexuality. But I am sharing you the censored version. You may calm down now – hahahaha.

Jared Leto is really hot here, haha!




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