I was the one who destroyed our relationship and you were the one who fucked up everything. You were my greatest love, both the brightest and the darkest part of my life and lived a tortured love.

I got lost and confused due to the fact that I have been attached to this love that I wasn’t able to forget. I keep questioning myself, “Is this love is finally coming to an end?”

I know that I’ve failed a thousands times trying to eliminate this love. But now, I am finally choking and killing this love inside me that I kept for so long. It’s completely time to go away and become the better version of myself. It’s time for me to move on once and for all .


This photo taken back 6 years ago. Back when the only color I know is black – from my teased hair to thick eyeshadow up to my shirt either band tee or not as long as it is black. That time when I’m utterly depressed. That time when I prefer to be alone. That time when I feel that I’m inadequate of my worth. That time when I  hated the world. That time when I was in darkness. But those times had ended when the Lord God lead me out of that darkness into his wonderful light. From black to bright. From depress to joyous. From alone to being loved. From inadequate to adequate. From hatred to acceptance.

“The old has gone the new has come”.

2 Corinthians 5:17


This was originally posted by one of the blogger I am following, Pink for Days by Chiela(Hi there Cheila). I asked her if I can get permission to write similar to blog post she wrote here although she indicate on her post that we can share it to our blog but still I’ve asked. 

I participated on that post and I had opportunity to share Chiela more about me. I wanted to do the same with my readers as I would love to know more about them by answering the questions below.


  • These questions should be answered in the comment section. But if you think that it’s too personal, you can answer privately send thru my email:
  • You can answer them as topics or do a small text.
  • You can skip the ones you don’t want to answer.
  • You can think of this as a tag and do the same on your blog, to get to know your readers!!

So here goes the questions:

  1. What is your first name?
  2. Do you have a middle name?
  3. Can you tell me your age and birthday?
  4. Where in the world are you?
  5. What is your maternal language? What language do you speak at home? Do you speak any other languages?
  6. Are you married? If so, how many years? Did you have a big wedding?
  7. Are you single? Do you have a boyfriend? if so, how many years have you been together?
  8. Are you a mom or dad? How many babes do you have? Can you tell me their first names or nicknames and ages?
  9. What do you do for a living?
  10. What did you study in University? Did you attend?
  11. What’s your favorite book?
  12. What’s your favorite movie?
  13. What is your favorite band or artist?
  14. What is your favorite food?
  15. Do you have any hobbies?
  16. What sports/activities do you practice?
  17. Do you have any pets? Can you tell me their names?
  18. What time is it for you right now?
  19. Why do you blog?
  20. What do you love about blogging? Is there something you don’t like?

Here’s my answer in response with the questions so you’ll know more about me:

  1. What is your first name? – RONALYN – it’s actually my Dad and Mom’s combination name – RONALDO & JOCELYN 😄
  2. Do you have a middle name? Yes. It’s – – Francia
  3. Can you tell me your age and birthday? – I’m on my late 20s and my birthday is on 6th of December
  4. Where in the world are you? – I am from Philippines but currently residing in Papua New Guinea
  5. What is your maternal language? What language do you speak at home? Do you speak any other languages? – I speak our main language which is Filipino(Tagalog) and English too. But I want to learn Korean & Japanese language
  6. Are you married? If so, how many years? Did you have a big wedding? -No
  7. Are you single? Do you have a boyfriend? if so, how many years have you been together? – I am single, ready to mingle, bahahaha
  8. Are you a mom or dad? How many babies do you have? Can you tell me their first names or nicknames and ages? -No
  9. What do you do for a living? – I am working as Service Corporate Manager 3 years now
  10. What did you study in University? Did you attend? – I took BS. Business Management
  11. What’s your favorite book? What’s your favorite book?  – I’m not really into reading books(novel, fiction, romance, etc) but I can tell you that I love to read the Bible
  12. What’s your favorite movie? – I don’t have a specific favorite movie. I love watching movies means I have so many favorites, Lord of the Rings trilogy, the Hobbit trilogy, Marvel, The Mortal Instrument, & Disney Movies
  13. What is your favorite band or artist? – Paramore, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, 30 Seconds to Mars – Jared Leto, Incubus, Avril Lavigne, Bullet for my Valentine, Backstreet Boys, NSYNC – Justin Timberlake
  14. What is your favorite food? – Japanese Food, Burger, Pasta, Pizza, Tofu & Seafoods 🍝🍣🍢 🍔
  15. Do you have any hobbies? Sleeping? Hahaha. But I can say Blogging 😃
  16. What sports/activities do you practice? – Haha, I am not sporty but I love watching Basketball 🏀⛹🏻
  17. Do you have any pets? Can you tell me their names? – I had before and his name is Maro. But unfortunately, he died when I went home to Philippines last year. He’s a Cat 😿
  18. What time is it for you right now? Time to find love? Haha jk it’s 7:30 PM
  19. Why do you blog? – “Cause for me, blogging is my escape on sharing my thoughts and my love for cats, photography, fashion & traveling 
  20. What do you love about blogging? Is there something you don’t like? -What I love about blogging is you get to meet people around the world. They communicate by liking and get to react with your post. 

And additional, facts about me: 

  • I was a Hip Hop dancer when I was in High School. I was member of Now Girls Allowed dance crew. Oh my, I miss dancing, I’ll do this sometime. 
  • I know also most of the Disney songs.
  • I know how to do nail art

To all my readers, It would be great and I’ll definitely appreciate if you participate in this Get-to-know-you-questions. I want to know more about YOU who has been reading and interacting here in Crazy Cat Lady’s Diaries despite I’m not posting regularly. You’re all my inspiration to write more here on blog. Thank you to y’all





For those who have been regularly reading my blog, you have probably noticed “again” that I’ve diminishing my blogging. I caged myself to commitments. I know that it has been almost a month and it is a big deal for me not to update my blog regularly. Now, I am here writing again for the sake of updating and to prove myself that I did not neglect this blog.

Why I’ve gone so long?

  1. Y’all know how I always been strenuous with work and the only time that I can take a rest is during night time. You’ll find me always sleeping as this is my escape to reality, loljk.
  2. I lend a hand to my sister on her online shop by sharing the stuffs she’s selling. And also, she got me by assisting and answering all buyer’s queries. Shout out to my sister, I should be paid by advertising her shop, haha.
  3. I am obliged to teach the kids(Kid’s Ministry in our Church) every weekends an interpretative dance that they’re going to present this coming Palm Sunday.
  4. I am attending workers meeting in our Church every Sunday and I was assigned as a committee in our up coming Family Camp that will be held on 14th -15th of April.

See how frantic my schedule was? As soon as #3 & #4 were both done, I’ll continue posting my Boracay Trip that I have on my draft. You know how a travel blog needs a detailed post. Also, I will be posting more stories with y’all.

Wishing all an amazing day!



Well YOU probably wondering why I am not REALLY posting here on blog and even on FACEBOOK and IG. Strategy ko lang ‘yun para ma-miss niyo ko, bwahahahaha. TBH, I got tied up with work. Just imagine how I have been spending the weekdays(including Saturday) with work plus volunteering in our church as Teacher to Kids Ministry every Sunday. Very tight di ba? Result to procrastinating things – trying or attempting to write stories with you all but not finishing at all, haha. Although, I am committed with this kind of sched, I am very happy naman for what I am doing. I have to work hard ’cause I have plans in the future and I know that someday, I’ll get paid off.

So moving forward sa aking pagkabusy este to what I have been lately, let me just get this quick to tell you all what I’ve been up to.

While I was MIA aka missing in action, I got hooked up on watching Animes, playing Mario Run and listening to Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, Michelle Branch(most of the 90s music). I was like in nostalgia, and began reminiscing my childhood days. Nakaka-miss din kaya ‘yung noon. Kaya ayun, mej napabayaan ko ‘tong blog ko.

Ok, that’s all for now. Not gonna do a lengthy post, baka maubusan ko ng kwento, lol.

Signing off..




Credits to RJA

I’ve decided to write this here in blog ’cause I know that there are “few” who will read this. I am writing this for YOU to know that I actually knew what YOU did.

I can’t understand why someone did a desperate attempt on following me on IG using someone else’s account. It happened yesterday morning when I checked my IG, “wow may bago akong follower”. He is not just “someone else” nor a “stranger”. I know this guy for a long time. I clicked the follow button to follow him back. Not long, it just popped out in my mind that, “teka parang hindi si ano to ah”? I know him as not really into social media. “Sa Facebook nga lang ay bihira siya mag-online”. So I immediately clicked the unfollow button. To take note that the fake account also followed my sister’s account. “Aba, hanep ah”.  So I was thinking who is this “poser”. I had some investigations “kuno”, hahaha(you can ask me in the comment box section what kind of investigation I did 😂). Well glad that I have amazing skills when it comes on investigation as I’ve taken up BS Criminology in 2004. And just found out who it is. “Uy di mo ako maloloko, utot mo green” 😂😂. So I reported the fake account😏😏. Not sure what IG did. Well I am hoping that it’ll get block.

I’ve spoken and ask the guy if he has IG. He just said “NO, and why would I?” We had the same thinking, “hindi ma-social media na tao”. It is obvious that the “poser” doesn’t really know him well, “hindi niya alam na di siya mahilig sa ganun”. So I’ve told him what happened. He can’t believe that someone else’s using his identity. Sorry to say but, how pathetic. So I told him to warn his family and friends to unfollow and report the fake account. I hope that this will stop.

To YOU who created the account, I know you will read this. I don’t know what is your purpose of doing this but whatever it  is, GOODLUCK! “Huwag ka gumawa ng bagay na ikakasakit mo. Papunta ka pa lang ay pabalik na ako”. Not going to waste my time on such a stupidity like this. If this post aims you, feel free to talk to me. Do not stab me behind my back ’cause this is what immature people do. I am matured enough in this kind of situation. #DONTME

From the Girl you wouldn’t wanna mess 😘💛


Me a.k.a being random again. I was planning to post this since last week but I’ve never had a chance to blog. I just want to release/share some thoughts that I’ve had. I’ve been mixed emotions in the past few days. Have you been feeling the same way too? Probably some are. So I thought of sharing mine just to let go of these emotions.
FRUSTRATED. 2 weeks ago, I ordered some vape accessories and I spent Php 1000 just for the bands and drip tips including shipping fee. Right after getting the tracking number from the seller, I track the whereabouts of my parcel like I use to do. That was 3 days from the shipping date which is the estimated time of arrival when I tried checking my parcel again. The status shows as “hold” due to location cannot be found. Seriously? I can’t believe it. It is impossible not to find our house. We’ve been regularly receiving parcels from other courier without any hassle. Well I guess the delivery man was just too lazy to find our house? Me and my sister have tried contacting “this-known-courier”. I’ve been emailing the customer care several times and calling them but no response at all. They should’ve at least compensate for their pending deliveries. Until now I haven’t got the parcel yet but I am still crossing my fingers that I will receive it.

WORRIED. You’ll say I am weird if I tell you all that I am worried about losing weight. Yes, I lose about 7kgs and everybody noticed it. It’s just now I realized that I am losing weight. Look at this photo, not sure if you’ll notice it.

I am weighing 80kgs on the left photo and now down to 73kgs which is on the right. I was overweight at the age of 28. I have 3 reasons that I “think” why I am losing weight.  1. I know I’ve taken some food supplement or should I say protein shake that I take every morning and I’ve cut down my meals too. It was because I am obsessed on preparing our Bora Trip. 2. Or maybe I was just too stressed out at work? 3. It always comes to my mind that I might be sick that is why I am losing weight. Our family have a history of diabetes and I am afraid that I might have too. I hope it’s not. And that’s what I am worried about.

HAPPY. Have you heard about SPaCE? If you’re Lasallan especially from La Salle Benilde, you’ll know what is SPaCe(School of Professional and Continuing Education) I’ve got Invitation from Ms. Cecile(Programs Associate) that enrollment is still ongoing for Management Services for Non-Accounting Professional. I’ve been waiting this for long time. I did not expect that they’re still looking for enrollees. And guess what, the schedule suits me, meaning when I go for my vacation in Philippines, I can attend the class for 4 Saturdays. Yippe! And surprisingly, my Boss will pay the school fees. How lucky I am. I’ll post more details as soon as I finished the course. But for the meantime, I am filling out the admission form for them to reserve me a slot.

EXCITED. Few more weeks till I go for my Holiday Break. I’ve some plans and I’ve listed them all here. I can’t wait to spend time with the whole family. That’s all!

So how are you in the past few days? Well I hope everybody is doing fine.

Despite of the negative things happened at first, I know that there are good things that will surely happen. ‘Cause there is always a rainbow after the rain.